Why Insyght


Insyght Legal is the firm of choice for entrepreneurs looking to build their business, acquire other companies or sell or transition their business. Our unique approach to delivering customized legal solutions enables our clients to achieve their business objectives while minimizing all the various risks.

Customized Solutions

Our legal solutions are designed to address the changing needs of growing businesses and individuals looking to transition their ownership. Our approach includes assessing our client’s objectives and implementing customized acquisition, sale or transition strategies. We evaluate personal goals, timing objectives and foreseeable risks to determine what clients need and when they need it. This process enables us to get it right the first time and deliver legal solutions which meet our client’s goals. This approach saves time and money while enabling our clients to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Scalability & Affordability

As legal advisors, our mission is to help growing and transitioning businesses to address their on-going legal needs. In doing so, we realize it’s necessary that our solutions and strategies are cost-effective and timely. Our fee arrangements are scaled to accommodate the needs of each client, and all fees only cover time for developing and implementing the necessary legal solutions – we do not bill for phone calls and other miscellaneous tasks. This partnership philosophy enables our clients to get the solutions they need while allowing us to build long-term, strategic relationships with our clients.

Business & Legal Expertise 

Our attorneys are experienced, subject matter experts in their area of the law, and they are also seasoned entrepreneurs. We feel that knowing the law is not enough, and that it’s necessary to understand and advise on the many financial, organizational and cultural challenges our clients face. This holistic approach to both law and business enables us to provide legal resolutions which address our client’s operational issues and effective solutions that fit within their business model.

For more information about our legal expertise and areas of experience, please feel free to contact us at (248) 935-7207 or email us at jcarter@insyghtlegal.com.