Mergers & Acquisitions


In today’s fast-paced, global economy, businesses are looking at merger and acquisition strategies as an efficient way to increase or reduce the size of their operations. There are many ways to acquire or sell valuable assets or equity. Our accredited M&A Team specializes in most transactions and will help you customize a Merger and Acquisition Strategy to accomplish your specific business goals.

To get started, our M&A Team will help you assess the following considerations:

The Nature of the Deal

The proper deal structure is critical to the outcome of any transaction. Each deal structure – asset or equity – has different liability and tax consequences, owner outcomes and post-closing requirements. Since no two deals are ever alike, it’s critical to analyze all the potential outcomes in light of your strategies and goals.

Minimizing Risk & Liability

Since every deal is different, it’s important to understand and minimize all foreseeable risks. Whether buying or selling, skillful efforts are required when negotiating the “representations and warranties,” funding and the other risk-shifting provisions to ensure that the buyers and sellers are mitigating all potential risk and liability.


The valuation method used to determine the enterprise value of any business, and the purchase price paid by the buyer is front and center in every deal. It’s critical that the parties understand and agree on the valuation methodology and utilize the skill sets of a mutually-trusted professional.

Financing & Post-Closing Activities

The purchase price and terms of payment need to be skillfully negotiated to meet both the seller’s requirements and accommodate the buyer’s financial ability. Various forms of seller financing and post-closing transition processes are available to bridge-the-value-gap between buyers and sellers and are critical for creating a win-win deal.

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