Strategies for Acquiring Businesses

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Owner Succession and Sale Solutions

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Mitigating Risk While Accomplishing Your Goals

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Creating Partnerships, Joint Ventures and other Alliances

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Our Unique Approach to Helping Businesses

With over 23 years of experience, Insyght’s business attorneys, counselors and legal advisors are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives and personal goals.  As entrepreneurs themselves, our attorneys understand the many challenges faced by small to mid-sized businesses and are exclusively qualified to implement customized solutions and strategies that address these challenges. Our combination of business-know-how and legal expertise is what separates us from the rest. Let our legal team work with you to customize the ideal legal solution or strategy for your business.



We help entrepreneurs implement the best legal entity to achieve their business goals. Our efforts minimize liability and tax consequences while improving the company’s management structure. 

  • Business Formation, Partnerships and Multiple-Owner Structures
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Private Investor and Commercial Funding Agreements
  • Operating and Shareholder Agreements
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Buying & Selling Businesses

Whether you're looking to acquire, sell or merge, our attorneys are uniquely qualified and certified to help you implement the best acquisition or sale strategy to accomplish your goals.

  • Asset Acquisitions 
  • Stock/Equity Purchases 
  • Mergers and Reorganizations
  • Recapitalizations
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Business Agreements

A successful business depends on the accuracy and enforceability of their business agreements. We help you create customized, win-win agreements to maintain long-term relationships with your customers, vested employees, suppliers and independent contractors. 

  • Customer Service, Supplier and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Commercial Licenses and Lease Agreements
  • Confidentiality, Non-disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
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Business Transition Planning

Every business transition strategy has different ownership outcomes, tax implications and pay-out requirements. We will work with you to implement a succession or transition strategy that maximizes the value of your business and accomplishes your personal goals.

  • Gifting and Family Transfer Strategies 
  • MBO’s and Intra-Organizational Transfers 
  • Third Party Sales to Financial and Strategic Buyers
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